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IJEME Vol.1, No.1, Jul. 2011

Method of Uninitialized Variable Detecting for C++ Program

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Wan Lin,Liu Juan,Wang Qinzhao,Zhang Wei

Index Terms

Software testing;uninitialized variable syntax tree;controlling flow graph


We present a testing approach which is a partially automated, partially manual inspection process that reports defects in C++ source code. In this paper we considered one of the faults type- uninitialized Variable- which the approach can detect. Uninitialized Variable is a common kind of error in programs written in C++, it often causes error result or system collapse. This paper analyses the classical C++ uninitialized variable errors, and describes a detecting method of uninitialized variable errors combining the advantage of ASI technology which based on static analysis.

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Wan Lin,Liu Juan,Wang Qinzhao,Zhang Wei,"Method of Uninitialized Variable Detecting for C++ Program", IJEME, vol.1, no.1, pp.63-67, 2011.


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