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IJEME Vol.1, No.1, Jul. 2011

Study on Algorithm of Digital Image Watermarking Based on DWT

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Gou xin-ke,Lu ran-ni

Index Terms

Image;MATLAB;Discrete wavelet transform;Robustness


In this article, watermarking algorithm is studied using digital watermarking technology based on the discrete wavelet (DWT) multi-resolution decomposition algorithm. Three-level wavelet decomposition is employed so that images are divided into three serial sub-graphs with high frequency band and one sub-graph with low frequency band. Since low-frequency information is more sensitive to human eyes than high-frequency information, watermarking is embedded into the high-frequency coefficients of the wavelet image. In our experiment, watermarking information is embedded into the original images by Matlab simulation. Besides, salt and pepper noise, Gaussian low-pass filter, amplifying 200% after narrowing 50% attack as well as JPEG coding are used to test the algorithm. Results show that our algorithm is robust and the visual effect is satisfactory.

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Gou xin-ke,Lu ran-ni,"Study on Algorithm of Digital Image Watermarking Based on DWT", IJEME, vol.1, no.1, pp.20-26, 2011.


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