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IJEME Vol.1, No.1, Jul. 2011

Research and Practice on Media Assistive High Efficient Autonomous Learning Mode

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Liu Lei

Index Terms

Autonomous learning;high efficient learning;remote education;self-study platform


Different from the traditional sense of self-study, this paper takes a new understanding of the definition and concept of autonomic learning. It brings forward the self-study mode called “target, design, implementation, and test”, and it raises the idea of establishing the platform of multimedia assistive autonomic learning so as to help the learners to fulfill a more efficient and motivating learning process. The case research is based on the intramural educating and learning website, and the evaluation is based on a comprehensive scoring system.

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Liu Lei,"Research and Practice on Media Assistive High Efficient Autonomous Learning Mode", IJEME, vol.1, no.1, pp.37-41, 2011.


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