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IJEME Vol.1, No.2, Aug. 2011

Design of Remote Virtual Experiment Based on MATLAB and .NET

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Mu Xianmin, Chen Xiyou, Li Meifang, Li Guanlin

Index Terms

Remote Virtual Experiment; Dynamitic Experiment; Static Experiment; Three-tier


This paper presents a framework for remote virtual experiment implementation. The work principle of the solution is described and the three-tier structure of the system is proposed. The proposed solution is based on two commercially available software packages. MATLAB/SIMULINK is used for experiment module development, while .NET is used for the user front-end interface. The virtual experiment is divided into two kinds, static one and dynamitic one. The static remote virtual experiment is designed by MCR interface and the dynamitic one is done by MATLAB engine technique. In addition, two samples of remote virtual experiment are deployed to user.

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Mu Xianmin, Chen Xiyou, Li Meifang, Li Guanlin,"Design of Remote Virtual Experiment Based on MATLAB and .NET", IJEME, vol.1, no.2, pp.67-74, 2011.


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