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IJEME Vol.1, No.2, Aug. 2011

Practical Teaching Staff Construction under New Situation

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Lijuan Shi, Yajuan Yao, Xuanyan Xia, Xingang Xie, Lanlan Wu

Index Terms

Practical Teaching; Diversified Performance Assessment Mechanism; Multi-Type Cultivation Mechanism; Construction of Teacher Staff with Reasonable Structure


The practical teaching is a very important component of higher education. It is a special platform which not only integrates abstract and concrete, but also integrates theory and practice. And it is the main channel to cultivate talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. Therefore, the reform of practice education is necessarily the most important work in the present teaching work. In order to achieve the anticipated results, universities should establish diversified mechanism of performance assessment on teacher, establish multi-type mechanism of cultivation on teacher and construct practical teaching teacher staff with reasonable structure.

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Lijuan Shi, Yajuan Yao, Xuanyan Xia, Xingang Xie, Lanlan Wu,"Practical Teaching Staff Construction under New Situation", IJEME, vol.1, no.2, pp.57-61, 2011.


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