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IJEME Vol.1, No.3, Sep. 2011

Design of Geographic Information System in Da Qing Oil Field Gas Pipe Network

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Yang Shuren,Peng Peng

Index Terms

Gas pipe network; Geographic information system; Data structure; Network structure; Environment configuration; Principle;Security


Combined with the actual requirements of gas pipe network management, based on the analysis of significance and effect on establishing geographic information system in Daqing nature-gas company, overall design of geographic information system in Daqing oil field gas pipe network, network structure and the analysis of spatial data and the attribute data are accomplished, what’s more, graphic and attribute data is unified to store, process and analyse, using geographic information system as technical support, at the same time, the spatial database is established, which is for the maintenance and planning of gas pipe network, piping design, pipeline construction, the completion of information, the repairing decision, as well as, inquiring the relative attribute data. This paper introduces the data and network structure, in addition to, security of geographic information system in Daqing oil field gas pipe network specifically, the system chooses MS Windows 2000 (Advanced) Server or UNIX as operating system, furthermore, using other geographic information system softwares to build geographic information development platform, giving priority to the ArcGIS of ESRI company. The result shows that the development of project has reached the expected goal, laying the solid foundation for system subsequent development and further researching work.

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Yang Shuren,Peng Peng,"Design of Geographic Information System in Da Qing Oil Field Gas Pipe Network", IJEME, vol.1, no.3, pp.1-8, 2011.


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