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IJEME Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2011

Evacuation Simulation of Counter-current Behavior Using Agent Model for Pedestrian Dynamics

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Xiaoan Zhao,Yanyan You,Ying Zhang

Index Terms

Pedestrian evacuation; microscopic Model; Agent; counter-current


It is an important issue that all occupants should be able to evacuate to safety from sports stadium under emergency. The behavior of occupants is quite complex, and individual behavior will greatly affect the result of the evacuation. Such as the phenomenon of counter-current behavior, sub-group behavior, following behavior and so on. In this paper, we mainly study the counter-current behavior, and a system simulation model is presented, which based on the agent technology. And in order to study the effect on evacuation, two cases have been studied to analyze the impact of evacuation. Simulation processes and results display that the counter-current behavior will be harmful for the movements of people. Simulation processes and results display that the model is very close to real movements of people.

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Xiaoan Zhao,Yanyan You,Ying Zhang,"Evacuation Simulation of Counter-current Behavior Using Agent Model for Pedestrian Dynamics", IJEME, vol.1, no.4, pp.72-79, 2011.


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