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IJEME Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2011

Discovery and Practice of EDA Experimental Teaching Reform

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Xianmin Wei

Index Terms

EDA experiments; teaching reform; innovation


EDA experiment is one of practical, professional and highly specialized basic application courses in electronic communications professional, how to use EDA laboratory? How to carry out EDA experimental teaching in order to improve teaching effectiveness? These are issues by EDA teaching staff to think and explore. In this paper, with the shortcomings and deficiencies of experimental teaching of traditional EDA, combined the teaching practice of Weifang University, proposed experimental teaching reform thinking of EDA with teaching system systematic, open and teaching methods, teaching evaluation comprehensive, complete security system experiment.

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Xianmin Wei,"Discovery and Practice of EDA Experimental Teaching Reform", IJEME, vol.1, no.4, pp.41-45, 2011.


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