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IJEME Vol.1, No.5, Nov. 2011

Reflecting on Network-Course Building of Post Education

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Xu Hai,Shi Hongxing

Index Terms

Post education; network course; problems and countermeasures


As the carrier of network education, the network course has the characteristics of shared resource, unlimited time-space domain, multidirectional interaction, and easy cooperation. It meets the new demand of post education to teacher and student, and is indispensable for the nurture of future post-type and combined military personnel. This paper analyses the problems in current network-course of post education from the point of new demand raised by post education and network course building. The view of points, such as organic integrating between traditional education and network education, farther developing and consummating of network education system, enriching teaching material, paying attention to humanity design in the building of network course, and using the positive function of network teaching in post education, are presented too in this paper.

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Xu Hai,Shi Hongxing,"Reflecting on Network-Course Building of Post Education", IJEME, vol.1, no.5, pp.61-64, 2011.


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