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IJEME Vol.1, No.5, Nov. 2011

Based on The Research and Application of Tengen Software in Architectural Design Teaching Process

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TANG Hong,FAN Guo-ling

Index Terms

Tengen software; architectural teaching; architectural design; control; function


With the continuous development of high technology, architectural design is on the way to paperless digital era. In order to help students grasp and skillfully apply the architectural computer aided design software and cultivate talented architects with the times, this article is going to bring the Tangent software into architectural teaching. On the basis of graphic and elevation design, section design, three-dimensional modeling and so on in architecture, It expounded the early program draft and the control of late deepening program in view of Tangent software, pointing out the interaction between design software and architectural program so as to make students really understand the function of Tangent software and then improve the students' comprehensive skills.

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TANG Hong,FAN Guo-ling,"Based on The Research and Application of Tengen Software in Architectural Design Teaching Process", IJEME, vol.1, no.5, pp.26-31, 2011.


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