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IJEME Vol.1, No.5, Nov. 2011

The Research of E- Learning Environment Design Based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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FENG Yi-dong,GUI Zhan-ji,FANG Yun-duan,WANG Xiao-xia

Index Terms

Component; multiple intelligence; e-learning environment; design strategies


E-learning environment has incomparable advantages compared to traditional education, which could make up for traditional educational means and methods in preparing students multiple intelligence shortcomings, in line with our current educational status quo. The research on e-learning environment design based on the theory of multiple intelligence lies in both students' multiple intelligences, and enhancing network education quality, which has an important practical significance. This paper analyzes the inspiration of multi-intelligence theory as for e-learning environment design based on the multiple intelligences theory, which also proposes learning strategies for environmental design and some problems that we should pay attention to.

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FENG Yi-dong,GUI Zhan-ji,FANG Yun-duan,WANG Xiao-xia,"The Research of E- Learning Environment Design Based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences", IJEME, vol.1, no.5, pp.49-54, 2011.


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