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IJEME Vol.1, No.6, Dec. 2011

Study on Quality control of CoPS Innovation Based on Quality Chain and Quality House

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Wang Xiuhong

Index Terms

Quality Chain; Complex Product System; Quality House


With the development of the science and technology, Complex Product and System (CoPS) plays a more important role in modern economy and society. This paper aims at the problem of quality control in the CoPS innovation. Through studying the CoPS characteristics and different innovation mode from the mass production, we established the quality chain model. The model is a process network in which nodes are consist of the suppliers, manufacturers and customers etc. the lines between the nodes is process of quality transmission. Compared with the process model of normal innovation, the process added four steps (task decomposition, analysis of knowledge demand, outsourcing selection and system integration) which reflect the Complexity of CoPS innovation. Traditional processes such as trial-manufacture and R&D process are involved in the module development. Despite that some scholars have a profound interest in the process of quality transfer in he quality chain and put forward some method solve quality problem of CoPS innovation, up to now little suitable and quantization method is presented. In the paper, quality houses are adopted to deal with the relation of quality chain nodes and interpret the process of quality transfer. Quality requests of one node are converted the technique indexes of another node in the quality house. At last an example is given to illustrate that this approach can improve quality control level more than the traditional statistical process control method and effectively reach quality management of CoPS innovation.

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Wang Xiuhong,"Study on Quality control of CoPS Innovation Based on Quality Chain and Quality House", IJEME, vol.1, no.6, pp.28-35, 2011.


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