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IJEME Vol.1, No.6, Dec. 2011

Computer Aided Instruction for Literature Courses Teaching

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Jing Guo, Jianping Zheng

Index Terms

Literature Courses; Computer Aided Instruction; Multimedia; Courseware


A majority of domestic universities currently possess conditions of carrying out computer aided instruction, however, most of them are immersed in pure applications of multimedia classroom systems. In such application environment, teachers of literature courses generally have bias on understanding of multimedia, thus they pay more attentions to application of multimedia teaching tools and ignore the effective combination of multimedia technology and literature courses with its own characteristics. Literature courses primarily allow students to capture the beauty of Chinese language and its styles through permutations and combinations of them, and then enjoy pleasure of character plots, deep thoughts and feelings and so on. Based on this understanding, computer-assisted instruction should reasonably arrange proportion of multimedia elements: text, images, audio, video and others. Meanwhile, education of magnetic personality of teachers and predominance of teachers during teaching process should not be neglected. At last but not least, proper body language, fine grasp of the classroom rhythm and suitable display of multimedia elements can dramatically improve the effectiveness of delivery, and then achieve the purpose of humane education.

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Jing Guo, Jianping Zheng,"Computer Aided Instruction for Literature Courses Teaching", IJEME, vol.1, no.6, pp.51-56, 2011.


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