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IJEME Vol.2, No.4, Apr. 2012

Comparative Research on Application of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)in K-12 Schools Between Britain and China

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Kang Cui,Ju Huimin,Wang Lina

Index Terms

Interactive whiteboards (IWBs); application; k-12 schools; Britain and China


Since Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) was firstly applied to k-12 schools in Britain, the related research has increasingly developed in China, and significant findings has achieved in both countries. For a further discussion, the comparative research method on this issue is employed, together with introduction and analysis of application of IWBs in Britain and China. It comes to the following conclusions: (1) application IWBs in China is still in the first stage against Britain. (2) Systematic research supported by the integrity of government, universities and teachers makes IWBs much applicable in Britain, but China still has a long way to go in this field. (3) China concentrates on its functions as a tool excessively, rather than pays more attention to the way of how to use it. (4)Some potential utility in instructional design associated with teachers-students interaction should be considered or discussed even more. Anyway, IWBs with its inherent characteristic, tends to play an important role in teaching.

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Kang Cui,Ju Huimin,Wang Lina,"Comparative Research on Application of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)in K-12 Schools Between Britain and China", IJEME, vol.2, no.4, pp.66-70, 2012.


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