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IJEME Vol.2, No.4, Apr. 2012

Exploration and Practice on Reformation Mode of Undergraduate Tutorial System in Faculty of Computer Science

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Ma Fu,Yang Ping,Wang Xuetong,Cui Ying'an

Index Terms

Major of computer and science; undergraduate student tutorial system; credit system; moral education


In view of the difficulty in employment of computer science major, the further exploration of the new cultivating mode to adapt the social development has been the task at the forefront of the colleges and universities. So, supported by the technological means, the implementation of the undergraduate student tutorial system which follows the principle of “the whole participation, contracting by individual, divide- and-rule”, can make the combination of teaching and moral education in the universities come true, and can make the teaching in accordance with the students’ aptitude to meet the goal of individualized cultivation. It also can be beneficial to the successful operation of credit system thus to cultivate more excellent talents.

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Ma Fu,Yang Ping,Wang Xuetong,Cui Ying'an,"Exploration and Practice on Reformation Mode of Undergraduate Tutorial System in Faculty of Computer Science", IJEME, vol.2, no.4, pp.54-58, 2012.


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