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IJEME Vol.2, No.7, Jul. 2012

A Study of Improving the Competitiveness of Local Undergraduate Colleges

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ZHANG Yaqiang, JING Ruirong

Index Terms

Local Undergraduate Colleges; Tending to Margin Strategy; Competitiveness outside the System; Supply Chain; Diversification


This article discussed strategies innovation and the improvement of competitiveness for local undergraduate colleges by using organizational management and organizational strategy theory. Local colleges should emphasize on the strategic direction of becoming "Qualified Undergraduate Colleges ", be master of advanced experiences as a strategic tool, and continue to optimize the core operating process, so that it can reflect the organizational rules and logic of colleges to calculate the “outside-system” differentiated capabilities, rather than apply the logic of administrative mechanism. At the same time, we use managing environment as “optimal solution” to the strategic innovation of college, positively impact and systematically manage the diversified college industrial environment and bring forward the organizational guarantee mode.

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ZHANG Yaqiang, JING Ruirong,"A Study of Improving the Competitiveness of Local Undergraduate Colleges", IJEME, vol.2, no.7, pp.16-21, 2012.


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