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IJEME Vol.5, No.5, Oct. 2015

A Review of Cloud Computing Security Issues

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Manpreet kaur, Hardeep Singh

Index Terms

Cloud computing;cloud data storage;cloud data security;Deployment models;Service models;cloud security challenges


Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm which has become today's hottest research area due to its ability to reduce the costs associated with computing. In today's era, it is most interesting and enticing technology which is offering the services to its users on demand over the internet. Since Cloud computing stores the data and its disseminated resources in the environment, security has become the main obstacle which is hampering the deployment of cloud environments. There are number of users used cloud to store their personal data, so that data storage security is required on the storage media. The major concern of cloud environment is security during upload the data on cloud server. Data storage at cloud server attracted incredible amount of consideration or spotlight from different communities. For outsourcing the data there is a need of third party. The importance of third party is to prevent and control unauthorized access to data store to the cloud. This research paper discuss the security issues of cloud storage.

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Manpreet kaur, Hardeep Singh,"A Review of Cloud Computing Security Issues", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME), Vol.5, No.5, pp.32-41, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijeme.2015.05.04


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