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IJEME Vol.6, No.6, Nov. 2016

Save Time for Public Transport Users in a Developing Country

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Abdus Salam, Ishtiaq Mohammed Chowdhury, Mohammad Masum Sadeque, B. M Taslimul Haque, Md. Arifur Rahman

Index Terms

Vehicle tracking;Global Positioning System (GPS);General Packet Radio Service (GPRS);Public transport;Save waiting time;Developing country


A large number of people of a country uses public transport for their daily commute. Public transport users in a developed country get many facilities which is absent in a developing country like frequent transport, less traffic jam, maintaining time schedule, etc. In most of the developing countries, intercity public transports do not have any time schedule to arrive and leave in a stoppage and as a result, a person cannot manage his time accordingly which leads to waste valuable time. In this paper, we have proposed a system which is simple, cost-effective and will be able to save time for a public transport user that might be wasted due to bad timing. The system includes vehicle tracking system to trace the location of the transport and a website for the graphical view of the transport locations. A website has been developed with some dummy data to illustrate the proposed idea.

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Abdus Salam, Ishtiaq Mohammed Chowdhury, Mohammad Masum Sadeque, B. M Taslimul Haque, Md. Arifur Rahman,"Save Time for Public Transport Users in a Developing Country", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME), Vol.6, No.6, pp.27-33, 2016.DOI: 10.5815/ijeme.2016.06.03


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