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IJIEEB Vol.10, No.1, Jan. 2018

Determination of Reproduction Accuracy of Dot Area of Irregular Structure

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Mykola Logoida, Bogdana Havrysh, Doroshenko Anastasiya

Index Terms

Raster element;discrete screening;number of gray tones;raster elements of irregular structure;discrete unit of area


The paper deals with the analysis and calculation of the impact of raster element structure on the reproduction accuracy of the area.
The process of screening is one of the important stages of preparing images for printing. Depending on the method of forming of an area of a printing element are distinguished: continuous, which is conventionally called analog screening, and screening with their discrete variables - digital screening. Digital screening systems are widely used in computer publishing systems. In the digital screening of forming shape and sizes of raster elements carried out discrete using raster image processor (RIP).
A well-known fact is that the value of the dot area is a key information-bearing parameter of discrete screening since reproduction of halftone key in a raster image is carried out by changing the dot area. It is therefore an important and relevant task to determine the dot area.

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Mykola Logoida, Bogdana Havrysh, Doroshenko Anastasiya," Determination of Reproduction Accuracy of Dot Area of Irregular Structure", International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business(IJIEEB), Vol.10, No.1, pp. 9-15, 2018. DOI: 10.5815/ijieeb.2018.01.02


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