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IJIEEB Vol.2, No.2, Dec. 2010

Knowledge Template Based Multi-perspective Car Recognition Algorithm

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Bo Cai,Feng Tan,Yi Lu,Dengyi Zhang

Index Terms

Template matching,line extraction,vehicle detection,Fourier descriptors,Chain code,Round rate,Circumference ratio


In order to solve the problem due to the vehicle-oriented society such as traffic jam or traffic accident, intelligent transportation system(ITS) is raised and become scientist’s research focus, with the purpose of giving people better and safer driving condition and assistance. The core of intelligent transport system is the vehicle recognition and detection, and it’s the prerequisites for other related problems. Many existing vehicle recognition algorithms are aiming at one specific direction perspective, mostly front/back and side view. To make the algorithm more robust, our paper raised a vehicle recognition algorithm for oblique vehicles while also do research on front/back and side ones. The algorithm is designed based on the common knowledge of the car, such as shape, structure and so on. The experimental results of many car images show that our method has fine accuracy in car recognition.

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Bo Cai,Feng Tan,Yi Lu,Dengyi Zhang,"Knowledge Template Based Multi-perspective Car Recognition Algorithm", IJIEEB, vol.2, no.2, pp.38-45, 2010.


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