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IJIEEB Vol.4, No.4, Aug. 2012

Memetic Programming Approach for Floorplanning Applications

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R. Varatharajan,Muthu Senthil,Perumal sankar

Index Terms

Floorplan problem, memetic algorithm, local search, area, delay, layout optimization


Floorplanning is a very crucial step in modern VLSI design. It dominates the top level spatial structure of a chip and initially optimizes the interconnections. Thus a good floorplan solution among circuit modules definitely has a positive impact on the placement, Routing and even manufacturing. In this paper the classical floorplanning that usually handles only block packing to minimize silicon rate, so modern floorplanning could be formulated as a fixed outline floorplanning. It uses some algorithms such as B-TREE representation, simulated annealing and adaptive fast simulated annealing, comparing above three algorithms the better efficient solution came from adaptive fast simulated annealing, it's leads to faster and more stable convergence to the desired floorplan solutions, but the results are not an optimal solution, to get an optimal solution it's necessary to choose effective algorithm. Combining global and local search is a strategy used by many optimization approaches. Memetic algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm that includes one or more local search phases within its evolutionary cycle. The algorithm combines a hierarchical design technique, genetic algorithms, constructive techniques and advanced local search to solve VLSI floorplanning problem.

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R. Varatharajan,Muthu Senthil,Perumal sankar,"Memetic Programming Approach for Floorplanning Applications", IJIEEB, vol.4, no.4, pp.39-45, 2012.


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