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IJIEEB Vol.4, No.4, Aug. 2012

Data-Centric Enterprise Architecture

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Zeinab Rajabi,Maryam Nooraei Abade

Index Terms

Enterprise Architecture (EA), Enterprise Ontology (EO), Data-Centric Enterprise Architecture, Repository, Zachman Framework


Enterprises choose Enterprise Architecture (EA) solution, in order to overcome dynamic business challenges and in coordinate various enterprise elements. In this article, a solution is suggested for the Enterprise Architecture development. The solution focuses on architecture data in the Enterprise Architecture development process. Data-centric architecture approach is preferred product-centric architecture approach. We suggest using Enterprise Ontology (EO) as context for collecting architecture data; Enterprise Ontology enhances quality of architecture data and lead to effective architecture results for decision-making. First, Enterprise is modeled using the ontology. Then how collecting Enterprise Architecture data based on the Enterprise Ontology is explained. Finally, the results and advantages of the solution are demonstrated.

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Zeinab Rajabi,Maryam Nooraei Abade,"Data-Centric Enterprise Architecture", IJIEEB, vol.4, no.4, pp.53-60, 2012.


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