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IJIGSP Vol.6, No.11, Oct. 2014

Performance Evaluation of Super Resolution Image Reconstruction using IWT and BPT with Different Colour Transforms

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P.Ashok Babu, K.V.S.V.R.Prasad

Index Terms

Super Resolution;Bi Cubic Interpolation;YCbCr;CIELAB;IWT;and BPT


Super resolution (SR) images play an important role in Image processing applications. Spatial resolution is the key parameter in many applications of image processing. Super resolution images can be used to improve the spatial resolution. In this paper a new SR image reconstruction algorithm is proposed using Integer wavelet transform (IWT) and Binary plane technique (BPT). The proposed method is analyzed in different color space transforms such as CIELAB, YCbCr and RGB. In this paper we compared PSNR, ISNR, Blocking effect and Homogeneity with different colour images in RGB, YCbCr and CIELAB domains. Qualitative analysis shows that the proposed method in CIELAB color space transforms has better performance.

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P.Ashok Babu, K.V.S.V.R.Prasad,"Performance Evaluation of Super Resolution Image Reconstruction using IWT and BPT with Different Colour Transforms", IJIGSP, vol.6, no.11, pp. 62-68, 2014.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2014.11.08


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