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IJEME Vol.10, No.2, Apr. 2020

Smart Bin for Waste Managemen Using CPaaS Clouds & IoT

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Sameen Firdous, Zahid Altaf, Gazamfar Nabi, Riaz Ahmed Khan

Index Terms

Texas Instruments CC3200, HC-SR04 Ultra-Sonic Sensor, DFR0028 Tilt Sensor, Energia, Temboo and Twilio CPaaS Clouds.


The incorporation of technology in waste management of smart cities will immensely contribute to the reduction of cost and complexities of current waste management systems by improving their efficiency, health safety, and productivity. It will also help to lessen the negative impact of waste management activities on the environment, thus contributing to the smart city scenario. Present designs are not refined enough to accomplish a liberal, generous and viable waste organization segment.Various solutions have been offered for implementing smart collection, transportation, and disposal of waste, yet efficient waste management has not been achieved. . It is basic to have a sharp technique for directing and coordinating waste and also the garbage level should be educated in-time when to be taken, and likewise, all the accomplices should know that what kind of waste in what sum needs to be collected.To ensure such efficient collection and management of waste, we propose a “Smart Bin for Waste Management System using Communication Platform as a Service Clouds & Internet of Things (IoT)”. In this prototype system, a unique ID is assigned to each garbage bin. The bins are equipped with an embedded system to measure the garbage level and other indicators such as temperature and tilt in the garbage bin. These sensors detect different events such as the bin getting filled up to its maximum level or tilting beyond a certain threshold and the system sends an alert message to the municipal authorities or central monitoring station using SMS, E-mail, & Voice-call. It also provides route optimization to the pickup vehicle, responsible for garbage collection in the concerned area.

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Sameen Firdous, Zahid Altaf, Gazamfar Nabi, Riaz Ahmed Khan. "Smart Bin for Waste Managemen Using CPaaS Clouds & IoT ", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME), Vol.10, No.2, pp.38-49, 2020.DOI: 10.5815/ijeme.2020.02.05


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