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IJEME Vol.2, No.10, Oct. 2012

Vane Design Which Based on Finite Element Analyzing Method

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Jiabin Tong,Yiming He

Index Terms

Vanes;Structure analysis;Element analysis;Rigidity equation;Equilibrium equation


We have studied the design method of wind power generator vanes. And on the basis of the whole structure’s analysis, we have simplified its structure by studying aerodynamics. We can consider the simplified continuous structure into the combined body which constructed by many finite units which are only connected by means of finite nodes. We have built rigidity equation for every unit firstly on the basis of unit analysis. Then we have gotten the whole structure’s equilibrium equation by combing all units. We have solved the equation by introducing boundary conditions. So we have gotten the approximate solution. During the process of solving, we have mainly studied the analyzing finite element method which based on computer.

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Jiabin Tong,Yiming He,"Vane Design Which Based on Finite Element Analyzing Method", IJEME, vol.2, no.10, pp.72-81, 2012.


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