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IJEME Vol.2, No.10, Oct. 2012

The Exploration and Research on Bilingual education of Computer Discipline

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Feng Xingle,Sun Zhaoyun,Cheng yan,Bao Yupu

Index Terms

Bilingual education;Computer Discipline;Teaching methods


In view of the present problems of bilingual education in domestic universities, combined with the author‟s practice of bilingual education of computer course in recent years, this paper analyzes the common existing problems and the causes from the aspect of teaching target, curriculum planning, teacher cultivating, teaching material construction, teaching methods, assessment system and management mechanism, etc. Moreover, it puts forward improving countermeasures and suggestions by combining with the specific practice of bilingual education for computer discipline.

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Feng Xingle,Sun Zhaoyun,Cheng yan,Bao Yupu,"The Exploration and Research on Bilingual education of Computer Discipline", IJEME, vol.2, no.10, pp.52-58, 2012.


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