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IJEME Vol.2, No.12, Dec. 2012

The Impact of Human Capital on income—Based on the Perspective of Education

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Li Bingshui,Hu Hong-wei,Yan Ya

Index Terms

Human Capital;Educationl;Empolyment Type;Labour Income


Human capital, scocial capital and employment type are the main factors which affect labour income, and the differentiation of labour income is based on these factors. This paper, from the basic theory of human capital ,social capital and employment, through the manipulating of these factors, based on a experiential method, tests the significant factors affecting labour income. And we finds that human capital and employment type has positive effect on migrants’ labour income, while social capital has no prominent effect on migrant farmers’ labour income. Based on the deep analysis, this paper brings forward some advice to advance migrant farmers’ labour income based on the perspective of education.

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Li Bingshui,Hu Hong-wei,Yan Ya,"The Impact of Human Capital on income—Based on the Perspective of Education", IJEME, vol.2, no.12, pp.16-20, 2012.


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