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IJEME Vol.2, No.12, Dec. 2012

Education Level, Young Migrant Labors and Social Exclusion

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Hu Hong-wei,Cao Yang

Index Terms

Education level;young migrant labors;social exclusion


With rapid transition in China, young migrant labors begin to replace old ones. However, there are still many obstacles to the citizenization process of young migrant labors, and the main difficulty is social exclusion. From the perspective of social exclusion,this paper uses Logistic Regression, OLS and Ordered Probit to explore the education level‟s impact on young migrant labors‟ social exclusion. Eventually the research discovers that years of education, family burden, psychological gap and friend relationship have a significant effect, and the regression results are steady. Based on it, this paper proposes several ideas of strengthening rural education and reducing exclusion.

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Hu Hong-wei,Cao Yang,"Education Level, Young Migrant Labors and Social Exclusion", IJEME, vol.2, no.12, pp.34-40, 2012.


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