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IJEME Vol.2, No.2, Feb. 2012

Study on the Examination Pattern of the Engineering Specialized Courses

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Chen Zhao,Yuan-Gang Wang,Jian-Xiao Ma,Ai-Hua Yu

Index Terms

Examination pattern; assessing method; education reform; specialized course; engineering subject


A comprehensive questionnaire was taken in the faculties and students of engineering subjects. By analyzing the drawback of current engineering specialized course examination, a new pattern of examination is proposed related to contents of examination, methods of examination, types of examination questions and grading standards. The new pattern of examination was tested in typical courses. It is found that the all-process assessing system, open-book and half-open-book examination should be adopted. The scope of examination contents can be broadened. The examination questions should be comprehensive, practice-oriented and open-mind. The students’ practical ability can be checked by the questions of experiment, design and research. By using the new pattern of examination, the teachers and students would be guided to focus on the ability of comprehensively applying engineering knowledge and analyzing and solving specialized problems.

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Chen Zhao,Yuan-Gang Wang,Jian-Xiao Ma,Ai-Hua Yu,"Study on the Examination Pattern of the Engineering Specialized Courses", IJEME, vol.2, no.2, pp.59-65, 2012.


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