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IJEME Vol.2, No.2, Feb. 2012

Study of Index Mechanism for GML Data

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Yajuan Yao,Lijuan Shi

Index Terms

GML; spatial database; path index; spatial index


GML is the encoding specification of geospatial data, currently more and more geospatial data are represented in GML documents. In order to query GML data efficiently, appropriate index structure should be designed. As the application of XML in geospatial information field, the management of GML data can borrow ideas from the management technologies of XML data. Two types of existing XML path index technologies are analyzed, and a method to build path index for the GML document is proposed based on its storage schema. The path index records the sequences and levels of elements in the GML document. Tuples stored in tables can be quickly located for a query with the path index, and the structure information recorded in the path index can help to reconstruct the GML document.

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Yajuan Yao,Lijuan Shi,"Study of Index Mechanism for GML Data", IJEME, vol.2, no.2, pp.13-20, 2012.


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