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IJEME Vol.2, No.5, May. 2012

Role of Blackboard Platform in Undergraduate Education A case study on physiology learning in nurse major

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Liu Jianxiang,Ding Yuemin,Ding Xingeng

Index Terms

Blackboard platform; e-learning; undergraduate


Blackboard platform is currently used for undergraduate education in our college. To investigate its role in physiology learning, we conducted a survey on undergraduate students in nurse major. The results suggested that Blackboard platform is helpful and playing an important role in physiology learning. But compared with other learning manners, e-learning on Blackboard is neither the mostly adopted method of learning, nor the preferred means in reviewing. We conclude that Blackboard is not a substitute of textbook, but Blackboard learning may become an important complement to traditional education in undergraduate students.

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Liu Jianxiang,Ding Yuemin,Ding Xingeng,"Role of Blackboard Platform in Undergraduate Education A case study on physiology learning in nurse major", IJEME, vol.2, no.5, pp.31-36, 2012.


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