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IJEME Vol.2, No.8, Aug. 2012

Survey and Thinking on Entrepreneurship education of Local College Students

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Wang Hongmei

Index Terms

Local universities;College students;Entrepreneurship education


The economic and social development is not only in demand of job hunters who fit in with certain positions but also needs badly the job creators who develop new job opportunities through setting up their own business. The popularization of higher education has put forward new requirements on traditional application talents. According to this, to carry out the entrepreneurial education in the universities becomes a proposition of the current era. Under the influence of entrepreneurship education tide in foreign and domestic universities, how to effectively carry out entrepreneurial education, especially how the choice of entrepreneurial education mode can embody the pertinence, adaptability, uniqueness and effectiveness becomes a worth exploring topic for the local universities. According to the investigation, an elaborative exposition follows.

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Wang Hongmei,"Survey and Thinking on Entrepreneurship education of Local College Students", IJEME, vol.2, no.8, pp.25-30, 2012.


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