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IJEME Vol.2, No.8, Aug. 2012

The Shape Characteristic Constitution of the Aggregation Based on Pro/Engineer in Engineering Graphics Education Innovatio

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Hou Zhiyan

Index Terms

Pro/engineer;characteristi constitution;aggregation;the shape characteristic


The engineering graphics is an old course with comparatively fixed content, but the teaching system should couple with the development of modern society. The new technique should be led into the course in time, so as to make the course develop vigorously. With the wide application of the Pro/Engineer which is a three-dimensional parameter software, introducing it into the course is very necessary. This article introduces the application of Pro/Engineer in the teaching of the Aggregation, puts forward the new idea of the characteristic constitution of the Aggregation, solves inadequate space imagination and enhances the association with the course such as machine design in the aspect of the constitution and expression technology of the machine, and well trains students’ creative design ability on the term of earlier period.

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Hou Zhiyan,"The Shape Characteristic Constitution of the Aggregation Based on Pro/Engineer in Engineering Graphics Education Innovation", IJEME, vol.2, no.8, pp.39-44, 2012.


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