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IJEME Vol.2, No.8, Aug. 2012

Customized Online Test Database Systems and Automatic Generation System for Testing Papers

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Zhi Liu,Ronghua Liang,Xiang Pan

Index Terms

Test database system;automatic generation system for testing paper;online;improved genetic algorithm


In the online test database system, a major issue is how to input the questions with formulas and pictures to the test database, while maintaining the format of test questions in order to support the printing layout. In this paper, a test database system supporting the formulas and pictures stored is designed and implemented. Based on this database system, an automatic generation system for test paper is achieved based on improved genetic algorithm. The J2EE technology is used to develop the online system. The system has friendly interface and it is easy to be operated. This system can support multidisciplinary test database and it can be customized according to different chapters and sections. The experiments show it is a useful online test database system and automatic generation system for testing papers.

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Zhi Liu,Ronghua Liang,Xiang Pan,"Customized Online Test Database Systems and Automatic Generation System for Testing Papers", IJEME, vol.2, no.8, pp.45-52, 2012.


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