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IJIEEB Vol.4, No.5, Oct. 2012

Lessons Towards Developing An Integrated Tool-support for Small Team Meetings

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Virallikattur S Dhenesh,Elena Sitnikova,Jill Slay

Index Terms

Teams, tool-support, team meetings, tool-kit


Teams within organisations meet regularly to review their progress and engage in collaborative activities within a team setting. However, the uptake of tools to support their activities within team meetings is limited. Research efforts on understanding the reasons for low rates of tool adoption and learning lessons in developing tools that could be readily adopted by team members within team meetings are largely unexplored. This qualitative study focuses on learning lessons towards developing an integrated tool-support for small team meetings within organisations using focus groups. Discussions were based on a tool-kit framework generated by observing their team meetings in an earlier study. The discussions were recorded and the transcripts were analysed using grounded theory approach to generate stories on team processes and potential tools that could assist team members during each process. The lessons derived from the study were based on three aspects of tool-support namely the potential users of the proposed tool-kit, processes within the team meetings that would be influenced by the introduction of the tool-kit and the technological aspects of the tool-kit.

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Virallikattur S Dhenesh,Elena Sitnikova,Jill Slay,"Lessons Towards Developing An Integrated Tool-support for Small Team Meetings", IJIEEB, vol.4, no.5, pp.42-49, 2012.


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