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IJIEEB Vol.7, No.4, Jul. 2015

Database Design for Data Mining Driven Forecasting Software Tool for Quality Function Deployment

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Shivani K. Purohit, Ashish K. Sharma

Index Terms

Data mining;Database design;Database;Forecasting;Quality Function Deployment (QFD)


Efficient Database design is the key part of software development. A properly built database acts as the backbone of the software system and makes enhancing software more easily and quickly. Quality Function Deployment and data mining itself are very gordian processes. Thus, there is strong need of database for handling complex transactions of Quality Function Deployment along with data mining and accessing precise and up-to-date information concerned to this. Forecasting in Quality Function Deployment can be time consuming when computed manually. Hence, development of data mining driven forecasting software tool can give better results and also save time. This paper focuses on the database design for the development of data mining driven forecasting software tool for Quality Function Deployment. Here, first brief discussion on Quality Function Deployment and data mining followed by its concise literature review is presented. Later on, the integrated value chain needed by data mining driven forecasting system for Quality Function deployment is discussed. Then the flow chart illustrating the processes of the software tool is intended. Afterwards the tabulated schemas of logical part of database have been presented. Finally, the ER-diagram for the software and described the relationships among the tables have been designed followed by conclusion. Recognizing the general architecture and structural component of database system will lend a hand to designers and engineers successfully build up and sustain forecasting software tool.

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Shivani K. Purohit, Ashish K. Sharma,"Database Design for Data Mining Driven Forecasting Software Tool for Quality Function Deployment", IJIEEB, vol.7, no.4, pp.39-50, 2015. DOI: 10.5815/ijieeb.2015.04.06


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