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IJISA Vol.8, No.7, Jul. 2016

Review, Design, Optimization and Stability Analysis of Fractional-Order PID Controller

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Index Terms

Optimal fractional-order controllers;BIBO stability analysis;Multiobjective genetic algorithm;CE150 Helicopter model


This paper will establish the importance and significance of studying the fractional-order control of nonlinear dynamical systems. The foundation and the sources related to this research scope is going to be set. Then, the paper incorporates a brief overview on how this study is performed and present the organization of this study. The present work investigates the effectiveness of the physical-fractional and biological-genetic operators to develop an Optimal Form of Fractional-order PID Controller (O2Fo-PIDC). The newly developed Fo-PIDC with optimal structure and parameters can, also, improve the performances required in the modeling and control of modern manufacturing-industrial process (MIP). The synthesis methodology of the proposed O2Fo-PIDC can be viewed as a multi-level design approach. The hierarchical Multiobjective genetic algorithm (MGA), adopted in this work, can be visualized as a combination of structural and parametric genes of a controller orchestrated in a hierarchical fashion. Then, it is applied to select an optimal structure and knowledge base of the developed fractional controller to satisfy the various design specification contradictories (simplicity, accuracy, stability and robustness).

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Ammar SOUKKOU, M.C. BELHOUR, Salah LEULMI,"Review, Design, Optimization and Stability Analysis of Fractional-Order PID Controller", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), Vol.8, No.7, pp.73-96, 2016. DOI: 10.5815/ijisa.2016.07.08


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