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IJWMT Vol.1, No.2, Apr. 2011

Demand-Driven Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

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Li Wang,Huiyue Yi,Honglin Hu,Jianan Liu,Bin Chen

Index Terms

Dynamic spectrum allocation; coordinated dynamic spectrum access; physical interference model


In this paper, we address the dynamic spectrum allocation problem in next generation cellular networks under the coordinated dynamic spectrum access (CDSA) model. Firstly, considering spectrum demands of base stations, we formulate spectrum allocation under physical interference models as a nonlinear optimization problem. Then, we propose a demand-driven dynamic spectrum allocation algorithm by transforming this nonlinear optimization problem into linear programming problem. The proposed algorithm first computes initial spectrum allocation and then applies iterative enhancement. Detailed simulations show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the existing algorithms in effective spectrum utilization efficiency and in average satisfaction degree.

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Li Wang,Huiyue Yi,Honglin Hu,Jianan Liu,Bin Chen,"Demand-Driven Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks", IJWMT, vol.1, no.2, pp. 8-15, 2011.


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