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IJWMT Vol.1, No.2, Apr. 2011

Research of NCS Real-time Performance with Judging Priority Based on Generalized Stability

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Hengrong LU

Index Terms

Networked Control System, network stability, real-time Ethernet, real-time performance


The conceptions of generalized stability and priority judgment function of real-time node which guaranteed the generalized stability were put forward aiming at the problem of Networked Control System (NCS) real-time performance based on shared Ethernet. From the perspective of control theory and communication theory, generalized stability and priority judgment function were applied into Real-time ETHERnet (RETHER) by using real-time performance improving method of avoiding collision based on protocol in Ethernet communication protocol. Therefore, token was passed to the real-time node with highest priority and real-time data was sent, NCS real-time performance was improved. Finally, simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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Hengrong LU,"Research of NCS Real-time Performance with Judging Priority Based on Generalized Stability", IJWMT, vol.1, no.2, pp.26-32, 2011.


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