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IJWMT Vol.1, No.4, Aug. 2011

A New Joint Antenna Selection Algorithm Based on Capacity

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Li Yuan, Liu Ping, Li Jianlan

Index Terms

MIMO System; Joint Antenna Selection Algorithm; Correlation Coefficient; Interrupted Capacity


Antenna Selection in MIMO systems can increase the system capacity, reduce the MIMO system complexity and cost of radio links effectively. In this paper, a new joint antenna selection algorithm was presented which can adaptively change the number of the selected transmitting and receiving antenna number according to the channel station. It can obtain the similar system capacity with the optimal joint antenna selection algorithm in any correlation coefficient, but the calculated amount is far less than the optimal joint algorithm.

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Li Yuan, Liu Ping, Li Jianlan,"A New Joint Antenna Selection Algorithm Based on Capacity", IJWMT, vol.1, no.4, pp.55-64, 2011.


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