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IJWMT Vol.1, No.5, Oct. 2011

Cross Layer Design and Performance Analysis of HARQ Schemes in Multi-Relay Networks

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Cui-Qin Dai,Li Jiang,Qian-Bin Chen,Guang-Yu Wang

Index Terms

Relay selection; hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ); adaptive modulation and coding (AMC); imperfect channel state information ( CSI)


We propose a cross-layer design combining adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) at the physical layer with a hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol at the data link layer in multi-relay networks with imperfect channel state information (CSI). Based on a simple and distributed relay selection strategy, we derive the closed-form expressions for performance metrics such as average packet loss rate (PER) and spectral efficiency; and further formulate an optimization model to maximize the spectral efficiency under the target PER constraint. The numerical results show that the average PER is lower and the spectral efficiency is higher with the number of the relay increasing.

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Cui-Qin Dai,Li Jiang,Qian-Bin Chen,Guang-Yu Wang,"Cross Layer Design and Performance Analysis of HARQ Schemes in Multi-Relay Networks", IJWMT, vol.1, no.5, pp.67-74, 2011.


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