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IJWMT Vol.2, No.4, Aug. 2012

Adaptive HEC-VPS: The Real-time Reliable Wireless Multimedia Multicast Scheme

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Guoping Tan,Yueheng Li,Lili Zhang,Yong Lu

Index Terms

Hybrid Error Correction;Real-time Multicast;Wireless Networks;Variable Packet Size


To satisfy the reliability of real-time wireless multimedia multicast services, the existing erasure error correction schemes usually assume that the packet size in transmissions is fixed. However, recent studies have shown that Variable Packet Size (VPS) can deeply influence the performance of unicast wireless services. Accordingly, using a delay-limited general architecture of EEC for real-time wireless multicast, this paper proposes an Adaptive Hybrid Error Correction (AHEC) scheme with VPS. Comparing with the AHEC schemes with fixed packet size, the analysis results show that the AHEC with VPS scheme can improve the throughput by about 10% in some cases.

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Guoping Tan,Yueheng Li,Lili Zhang,Yong Lu,"Adaptive HEC-VPS: The Real-time Reliable Wireless Multimedia Multicast Scheme", IJWMT, vol.2, no.4, pp.13-20, 2012.


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