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IJWMT Vol.2, No.4, Aug. 2012

Products Selection Modeling of Medicine Manufacturing Industry Development in Beibuwan Economical Zone

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ZENG Jian-hong

Index Terms

Beibuwan Economical Zone;Medicine Manufacturing Industry;Products,select


Beibuwan Economical Zone of Guangxi Province has the necessary basis and conditions to develop the madicine manufacturing industry.It is significant to select products which ficilitate the development of madicine manufacturing industry from the prospective of promoting the development of the industry smoothly. The feature of selection of essential products of medicine manufacturing can be summarized as multi-objectiveness, multi-layer, fuzziness and the interaction and penetration of different objectives. Due to these characteristics, analysis is made through analytic hierarchy process (AHP) by this thesis. The paper put forward the developmental sequence of madicine manufacturing industry in Beibuwan Economical Zone of Guangxi Province by adopting analytic hierarchy process, and pointed out that, among others, the technical competence is the most influnctial factor of a company. The appropriate developmental sequence of the products selected is biological and biochemical products, medicinal chemicals, chemical medicine and preparations. This research is in favor of speeding up the development of competitive products and creating industry competition.

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ZENG Jian-hong,"Products Selection Modeling of Medicine Manufacturing Industry Development in Beibuwan Economical Zone", IJWMT, vol.2, no.4, pp.52-58, 2012.


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