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IJWMT Vol.2, No.6, Dec. 2012

A New Solution of Multicast Packets Management for Managed Ethernet Switch

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Sheng LU

Index Terms

IGMP; industrial Ethernet; switch management; Qos


This paper has a discussion on the new solution of IGMP management for multicast message in industrial Ethernet. It proposed a new mechanism to minimize the congestion which is based on the taking an adaptive decision during transferring multicast messages. Proposed approach is that a device requesting to start and stop the reception of the multicast streams is accomplished through IGMP join and Leave message requests. Quality of Service (QOS) as a component is supported by the Switch Manager as well as features built into the micro chip. The IGMP Snooping component monitors (snoops) these join and leave messages to allow it to know which streams to prune from which ports. it is a service provided by most managed Ethernet switches. However, the ICIE (Intelligent Controller for Industrial Ethernet) does not provide this capability and requires that another device in the network supports the querier functionality. It is through the external devices solicitation of join messages that allow the IGMP Snooping component to correctly decipher on which ports the downstream listeners are connected.

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Sheng LU,"A New Solution of Multicast Packets Management for Managed Ethernet Switch", IJWMT, vol.2, no.6, pp.10-16, 2012.


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