International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT)

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IJWMT Vol.2, No.6, Dec. 2012

Evaluation of Performance for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Gray Theory

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JING Jun li,YANG Jie

Index Terms

Wireless sensor network(WSN); AHP; gray theory; evaluation of performance


A performance evaluation method of wireless sensor networks based on gray theory is proposed. Firstly the influence factors of performance are analyzed, and the index set in evaluation of wireless sensor networks' performance is built which include index of key performance and reliable characteristics. Based on AHP and gray theory, a model of evaluation of wireless sensor networks performance is given. Finally the results of example show that the evaluation model is rationality and feasibility.

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JING Jun li,YANG Jie,"Evaluation of Performance for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Gray Theory", IJWMT, vol.2, no.6, pp.37-44, 2012.


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