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IJWMT Vol.2, No.6, Dec. 2012

A Wireless Solution to Collecting and Displaying Oil Temperature Data Based on Zigbee Network

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Cui Jingcong,Chen Lidong,Li Xunming,Huang Chunhai

Index Terms

Oil Temperature Monitoring,Zigbee, JN5139, PT100, LCM141C-01


In some oil fields of China, monitoring oil temperature during producing almost relies on manual operation. According to this, we designed a solution based on Zigbee network and sensor technology. In our design of sampling nodes, with JN5139 module as the core, uses sensor PT100 to collect temperature data and LCD module LCM141C-01 to display the final result. The whole solution has an advantage of a simple structure, low power consumption etc, therefore, it has a positive meaning in improving monitoring work efficiency in oil fields.

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Cui Jingcong,Chen Lidong,Li Xunming,Huang Chunhai,"A Wireless Solution to Collecting and Displaying Oil Temperature Data Based on Zigbee Network", IJWMT, vol.2, no.6, pp.52-57, 2012.


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