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IJWMT Vol.5, No.2, Apr. 2015

Fractal Peano Antenna Covered by Two Layers of Modified Ring Resonator

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Ammar Nadal Shareef, Amer Basim Shaalan

Index Terms

Metamaterials;left handed materials;split ring resonators;negative refractive index;fractal antennas.


Negative index of refraction has attracted a great attention in literatures. These materials are artificial structures named metamaterials has characteristics not found in nature. Microstrip antennas covered by metamaterial are very interesting areas of study. In this paper fractal Peano shape antenna is proposed and covered by two layers of modified ring resonator. The results show an enhancement in Reflection Coefficients, gain, and directivity. 

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Ammar Nadal Shareef, Amer Basim Shaalan,"Fractal Peano Antenna Covered by Two Layers of Modified Ring Resonator", IJWMT, vol.5, no.2, pp.1-11, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2015.02.01


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