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IJWMT Vol.5, No.4, Jul. 2015

GSM based Monitoring and Control of Systems

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Saima Maqbool, Sajaad Ahmed Lone

Index Terms

GSM;Modem;C#;Monitoring System;AT Commands;DTMF


In this paper we have proposed a method to make a base for the monitoring and Control of systems. The monitoring and Control of systems could be from monitoring of movements in any particular area to the monitoring of any external electrical, mechanical device. Every person is pocketed with the cell. So, taking the advantage of the same we developed the system for the monitoring and Control system using GSM technology. This will provide the owner, manager of the system to know about the working or any kind of default in the system. Also the system is controlled which is needed in special circumstances and is be implemented with the help of complete circuitry which is a different module (DTMF module) has a specific code as input through GSM encoder that is processed by decoder circuitry of our system. The goal is to find an improvement over the previous surveillance systems .The maintainability of the new and improved is quite efficient as it is easy to handle it by simple software demo. The facilities provided by it such as easy handling, a secrecy support, an immediate action are granted. A prototype is built in the Windows platform using C# to demonstrate the functioning of the entire system. 

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Saima Maqbool, Sajaad Ahmed Lone,"GSM based Monitoring and Control of Systems", IJWMT, vol.5, no.4, pp.15-23, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2015.04.02


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