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IJWMT Vol.7, No.1, Jan. 2017

Providing Useful Data Reliably to Mobile Cloud Users from Random Wireless Sensor Network

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Shanthosh Palani

Index Terms

Wireless Sensor Network;Mobile Cloud Computing;Integration;Time based Priority Sleep Scheduling;Priority Based Sleep Scheduling;Location Based Sleep Scheduling


The integration of mobile cloud computing and wireless sensor network plays an important role in the field of research and industry. Data fetched from Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are stored in the cloud and provides it to the mobile cloud users. This integration helps in providing data to users in the form of digitalization. To help the applications involving an integration of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)–Wireless Sensor Network, this paper finds the crucial things that influence the sensor data and WSN, and then propose a concept called Time based Priority Sleep Scheduling (TPSS). TPSS is divided into three parts 1. Based on the priority and time, wireless sensor network gateway should transmit the sensed data to cloud and 2. The algorithm used to save the battery consumption of mobile users in fetching data from the cloud is Priority Based Sleep Scheduling (PBSS); this provides data to users request based on the time slot. 3. Location Based Sleep Scheduling (LBSS) algorithm used to provide sensed data based on mobile cloud users location. 

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Shanthosh Palani,"Providing Useful Data Reliably to Mobile Cloud Users from Random Wireless Sensor Network", International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT), Vol.7, No.1, pp.49-62, 2017.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2017.01.06


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