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IJWMT Vol.9, No.1, Jan. 2019

A Hybrid Cryptosystem to Enhance Security in IoT Health Care System

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Kavitha.S, P.J.A.Alphonse

Index Terms

Attacks;Hessain Curve;Diffie Hellman;AES;IoT security


Internet of Things (IoT) based health care system provides an essential interface between tiny devices and customers, who require customary checking by remedial focus. The technological innovation is important to guarantee the data protection and security among customer and devices, though it is vulnerable by various security assaults. The cryptographic technique is a prominent method for data protection in a healthcare management system. Single cryptographic algorithm based solution suffered to provide efficient security as its high probability of attacks. So this paper proposes a hybrid cryptographic algorithm that secures the sensitive medicinal information in IoT health care system.  The proposed hybrid algorithm is dealing with various security attacks in a proficient way, and also increases its performance when compared to other cryptographic algorithms.

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Kavitha.S, P.J.A.Alphonse, "A Hybrid Cryptosystem to Enhance Security in IoT Health Care System", International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT), Vol.9, No.1, pp. 1-10, 2019.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2019.01.01


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